About This Site

As I get older, there's definitely a strong inclination for people to grow apathetic. People forgo their artistic endeavors or lose interest in even having an opinion. Focus shifts from retaining their own identity to the nebulous problems of our culture. Stock sociopolitical issues dominate and taking sides in some grand common fight that's manufactured by people far more powerful than you or me.

Obivously reality isn't nearly as dire as that all sounds, and people do formulate opinions about basically everything. Still, people are rarely passionate about anything they aren't told is important. There are way more individuals I know who will go to the grave arguing about Fox News politics than there are those who would jump into a volcano to save every remaining copy of their favorite band's best album.

Maybe that's not all true, but in the very least people are either unwilling or unable to articulate how much the simpler elements of their lives impact them. Sometimes I want to hear how a movie a friend watched resonated with them and they can only use binary oppositional labels: it sucks or it was cool, amen.

I want to see and hear through a lens that is uniquely one's own. Obviously everyone derives their thoughts and viewpoints from a source, whether it's base experience or their favorite philisopher, but regardless of the starting point, each mind should be a glorious fondue to sample and savor.

So instead of transacting with the global conciousness all the time, I'm going to deposit my own thoughts here. In the very least, it will be a place to keep snapshots of my mindset.

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